•  Phorm
Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
Unparallel peg
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Date taken: Mon, May 16th o 05
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Category: Black and white
Story: The Old Phorm
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[ Reply ]  Anonymous said:
Hosein Abade..na!?
[ Reply ]  Aidin [ W ] said:
I don't know the exact name of the place.
just it's next to Kachoyi Prison, on the old road of Fardis-Karaj.
umm... I think... yeag I guess is "HoseinAbad". Though, I shall ask someone else...
[ Reply ]  aaber [ W | @ ] said:
Yes,here is hosein abad,just beside of kachooyi prison. I have worked in a factory near both of them.
these rails belongs to Iran Locomotive Re-Build Factory for transmition of Locomotives to the factory.
[ Reply ]  Aidin [ W ] said:
Thanks indeed for your notes, aaber.
[ Reply ]  Cho0bnam [ W | @ ] on Jan 5th of 08 at 11:46 said:
Waiting for . . ?
[ Reply ]  مارکاریان [ W | @ ] on May 14th of 08 at 23:23 said:
از اینجا شروع می کنم روزی
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