•  Phorm
Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
Cloudy summers in November
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Date added: Jun 24th 06, 12:59
Date taken: Wed, Oct 5th o 05
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Category: Black and white
Story: The Old Phorm
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[ Reply ]  Arash said:
I wish you know how I've missed you...
Wish you say something,
Wish you were here, and we lit a fire and smoked a cigarette...

A sip of wine, A cigarette
and then it's time to go
I tided up to kitche
[ Reply ]  Aidin [ W ] said:
[ Reply ]  Aidin [ W ] on Jun 24th of 06 at 13:04 said:
Missed you, Coral...
[ Reply ]  coral on Sep 3rd of 06 at 13:43 said:
Cheers darlin'...
You gave me three cigarettes to smoke my tears away...
[ Reply ]  Coral [ W ] on Dec 18th of 06 at 20:19 said:
such a long long long long time ago...

Do you remember me?
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