•  Phorm
Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
Despond Refugee
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I just found him in pool. so wet and dying. cured by mom, He finally got better...
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Date added: Sep 17th 06, 07:29
Date taken: Sun, Jul 30th o 06
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[ Reply ]  ... on Aug 18th of 08 at 22:46 said:
Wondrerfull, I love it! :) I like animals very much!

I know that you don't like people ask questions about your weblog, but I couldn't control myself, why do you write like 4-5 years ago? How can you do this? I can see some defrences but I think it should be more. Do you think it is good to be like that? Or it's just a wrong guess that you are very strict about your life methods?
[ Reply ]  ... on Aug 18th of 08 at 23:10 said:
I'm really sorry. I shouldn't told those things, please erase that foolish comment.
[ Reply ]  mahboobeh ghadirian [ W | @ ] on May 29th of 09 at 13:16 said:
گنجشكك اشي مشي روي بام ما نشين..بارون مياد خيس ميشي...
اجازه هست اگه خواستم اينو بذارم تو بلاگم؟
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