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Freedom Square, Tehran, Iran.
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Date added: Jan 8th 07, 05:42
Date taken: Sat, Nov 12th o 05
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[ Reply ]  ری را on Jan 8th of 07 at 23:44 said:
یک دونه از اون جیغ ها همین جا که وایساده بودی عکس گرفتی. البته به شرطی که فکرت رو، صداتو، دل تو رها کنی بره هر جا که خواست
[ Reply ]  melpomene on Mar 8th of 07 at 23:26 said:
yani in aksa ashke mano dar miyaran...
[ Reply ]  AC on Jun 2nd of 07 at 09:23 said:
Love it....I mean the tower....Wld ye mind if I save some of the pics 4 myself?
[ Reply ]  Anonymous on Jun 2nd of 07 at 09:24 said:
Do u have any pic from whole the Tower...? may u put it on Phorm if u do!
[ Reply ]  Anonymous on Jun 2nd of 07 at 09:28 said:
n if u don mind let me tell, this iz just "Azadi Square or Tower"...plz don translate this beautiful WORD to any others...(n you may not in terms of Eng language).
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