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Aida, our pool.
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Date added: Jun 24th 07, 02:58
Date taken: Mon, Jun 18th o 07
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[ Reply ]  رها [ W | @ ] on Jun 24th of 07 at 15:37 said:
می‌شه یه عکس ناخوشگل بذاری این‌جا که من هی مجبور نشم عبارت «خیلی قشنگه» رو تکرار کنم؟!
[ Reply ]  Coral [ W ] on Jun 25th of 07 at 18:14 said:
aaalie! vali vali vali! mishod behtar she! behtare behtar!
[ Reply ]  Admin () [ W ] on Jun 26th of 07 at 11:29 replied:
Yes it could. Remind me to tell you why I didn't.
one was fear of falling into the pool!
[ Reply ]  C on Jun 26th of 07 at 01:11 said:
and nothing less.

ps. just at the right moment, it's captured.
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