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Fire in our yard.
Been busy.
kettle was boiling.
kettle was boiling.
been busy.
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Date added: Jul 5th 07, 09:32
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[ Reply ]  Coral [ W ] on Jul 5th of 07 at 23:18 said:
I tried to picture a big fire in jungles of Shomal once, but no matter how much I tried so many different settings on M mode, none of the pics appeared sharp and clear.
[ Reply ]  Admin () [ W ] on Jul 5th of 07 at 23:34 replied:
You might needed to switch to macro mode and bring it closer. I think I did so.
However, my A710 has an MF (Manual Focus) mode which allows to set focus distance (from the lens) manually.
[ Reply ]  Pg. on Jul 6th of 07 at 00:17 said:
live to burn...
[ Reply ]  sun [ W | @ ] on Jul 7th of 07 at 08:41 said:
are u ok?
i think u are burning in this fire!
[ Reply ]  Anonymous on Sep 5th of 07 at 00:11 said:
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