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Fire, Char.
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Date added: Jul 12th 07, 02:54
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[ Reply ]  riraa on Jul 15th of 07 at 14:36 said:
really like to watch...
[ Reply ]  riraa on Jul 15th of 07 at 14:39 said:
i think its better to say: watch like someone may like to dance.
[ Reply ]  mohi on Jul 15th of 07 at 15:30 said:
chera payin karatun ro emza nemizanid?
[ Reply ]  Admin () [ W ] on Jul 20th of 07 at 14:25 replied:
This is Art. Amateurish Art. Not somewhere to adversite.
Why shall I ban others from joying the naive art and f*** that with my own name?
[ Reply ]  mohi [ @ ] on Jul 23rd of 07 at 01:58 said:
it was a tactful answer,and i like your works as an amateur.
[ Reply ]  sun [ W | @ ] on Jul 24th of 07 at 11:06 said:
but u know all sign their work!
any way i agree with u!
but not with this part that u insult your name!
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