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Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
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3rd floor of Physics dept. of ShUT.
an afternoon.

How I miss here.
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Date added: Dec 18th 07, 09:59
Date taken: Sun, Dec 16th of 07
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[ Reply ]  Amin [ @ ] on Dec 24th of 07 at 11:58 said:
I like it!
[ Reply ]  Forouz [ W ] on Dec 30th of 07 at 21:12 said:
It is wonderful in B/W. Something is in this picture which facinates me.
[ Reply ]  مريم گلي [ @ ] on Jan 17th of 08 at 16:13 said:
درست مثل نوشته هاي وبلاگتان سرشار از سكوت است. حتي اگر در حرفهايت فرياد هم بزني باز سكوتش شنيده مي شود. سكوتي سفيد و ممتد، پاك و عميق..
به زيبايي خوابيده گويي كه در اين جهان نيست و سياه و سفيد بودن عكس هم به اين تعبير كمك كرده.
عكسي ست وسيع و زنده
[ Reply ]  مارکاریان [ @ ] on May 17th of 08 at 00:27 said:

چشم هات رو ببند
به ایستګاه برو
دست تکان بده
و برګرد
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