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Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
Photo Notes
Lady bug, in Persian, is named "کفشدوزک" (read as kafsh-dooz-ak) which means little (ak) shoe (kafsh) maker (dooz).
It's my sister, Aida's All Star shoes which she like too much.
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Date added: May 9th 08, 04:07
Date taken: Tue, Apr 1st o 08
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[ Reply ]  h [ @ ] on May 10th of 08 at 00:59 said:
[ Reply ]  مارکاریان [ @ ] on May 11th of 08 at 05:21 said:
زنگ زد ګفت داره میره
میره و بر میګرده
بهم ریختم
بهم ریختم
[ Reply ]  Mahsa [ @ ] on Nov 12th of 08 at 20:26 said:
That's great.
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