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Phormer is a PHP-Based PhotoGallery Manager application, that helps you to store, categorize and trim your photos on the web with various helpful features!


  •  20th Dec 09: Phormer 3.33 is on the way, after 3 years!
  •  13th Jan 07: Phormer 3.31 is just released! SlideShow, BulkAdd and adminPass revisited!
  •  8th Jan 07: Phormer 3.30 is finally released! Mass Upload, SlideShow, Help and more!
  • 15th Sep 06: Phormer 3.20 is just released! EXIF, Recent visiteds and categ's review!
  • 30th Aug 06: Phormer 3.13 is just released! Fixed all bugs of """!
  • 28th Aug 06: Phormer 3.10 is just released! Added WordVeification.
  • 27th Aug 06: Phormer 3.02 is just released!

Phormer, unlike most of the other gallery mangers tools that require MySQL or any other high-level Databases, uses its own XML database files which let us:

  • Run Phormer on any server with only a php parser (like apache)!
  • Modify the information offline and/or using any text-editor, even Phormer's own online XML-Editor!
  • Have transportable files, which speeds up import and export!
  • Simple Backup! Just copy the folder of data/ which has all the information of photos, comments, categories and ...

Beside, here is a brief list of other helpful features of Phormer:

  • Easy Web-based Install/Uninstall
    To install, just download the package, unzip it to the desired place on your website, and then enter admin's password!
    Also since version 3.20, you can easily uninstall Phormer directly from Administration Region.

  • Categorize by Date, Categorize by Subject, Categorize by Everything!
    Having two separate categorization method will lead to handle everything in the most right place! -- You can both categorize your shots by Category (e.g. black and white, self-portrait, etc.) and, on the other hand, by date (which named story), just like the posts of a weblog.
    Obviously, a shot can be placed in many Categories and many Stories at the same time!
    Even, the Categories/Stories, themselves can be inherited from eachother!

  • Make Anything Private!
    Phormer's great privacy allows both private (passworded of each own) and unlisted (unseen from the first page) mode for each Categories/Stories.
    This way, any photo which its default Category or Story be private would be private, too.
    Umm... with the help of this feature you can have various albums for various (possibly private) events, so simply.

  • Fast and Valid Pages
    Tableless pages, browser compatible and brief administration area, means just clean speed!

  • Link and Extra HTML Manager
    Manage the side-bar links of your blogs, visually from inside the administration area, so fast and clean!
    Also paste the additional HTML codes of your counter, ad-sense into the Preferences area instead of dealing with HTML codes of the index!

  • Two File gathering mods
    Image files can be acquired either from the PC (by Ajaxian upload manager) or from somewhere across the web (just enter url!).

  • Ajax Upload Manager
    Name and fill information of your shot while its upload progress goes (ajaxly) on background!
    It's brilliant! You won't lag by your monitor and glaze at the percentages to become filled -- Just do your own task (filling name, date, info) and it goes its own way under the desk!
    Since 3.30, you can upload a zip file of many photos inside and also grab entire a local folder!

  • Square thumbs
    Easy WYSIWYG Part-of-Image Square-Thumb maker tool helps you to create the best square thumb from your shots which is best-fitted and much more catchy! various sizes of whole image can also be generated, beside.

  • Editable add-shot
    Every, Every and Everything at Phormer is editable! You can modify and regenerate/re-enter everything at everytime, even the photo's source file, after it's got comment!

  • Various Themes
    You'll never get bored with 10 different themes!
    even you can handle with your own CSS themes and share (Since 3.30, directly use) them!

  • RSS Feed
    Don't Lose RSS-Addicted visitors! index.xml for last photo entries will be generated after each photo add/del.

  • Various Styles
    Eight since 3.20
    Now, 9 * 9 * … styles since 3.30! different styles for index page: photos, stories, jungleBox (where all the shots can be place above each other and be highlighted when pointed!). a Random of them can also be selected!
    Furthermore, You can have:
    • last added photo(s)
    • most visited photos
    • top rated photos
    • recently visited photos
    • recently commented photos
    • random photos
    • recently added stories
    ... and any combination of these in the index page!

  • Advanced Commenting
    Manage them easily. Control visitors to leave comments on each photo story (a group of photos) or not. also with the new feature of Banning IPs, you can block spammers to leave comments!

  • Rating system
    Save the opinion (rating) of visitors about each single photo and sort them in that way! The Rating is also based on AJAX system and visitors doesn't need to load the page once again!

  • Hit Counter
    Counts each shot's view-times, separately!

  • Internationalization
    using unicode (UTF-8) as whole encoding system, has provided a reliable support of various languages.

  • Link and Extra HTML Manager
    Use each photo in your weblog/website (in proper size) by a single code (e.g. something like this line: <script src="http://mywebby.com/?j=290"></script>) in various sizes.

  • Optional Word Verification Tool
    This feature (added on version 3.10) helps you to fight well against spam-commenters and eliminate them!

  • EXIF Metadata reader
    By this feature (since version 3.20) the meta datas generated by digital cameras (like shutter speed, photo's original date and etc.) will be added automatically during an photo uploading process!

  • Terribly Customizable
    Customize everything, default values, index mode, link's opening targets and everything, simply from inside the Admin's area!

  • Finally, on Phormer 3.30 these new features are added:

  • Backup revisited
    Anytime, each of your essential XML files missed or corrupted Due to a server lack of write or synchronous problem, Phormer will automatically notify you of that and helps you to restore the last saved backup.
    NOTE: always log-out to save a back-up of your files, automatically!

  • Automatic Update
    Your PG, by contacting to the homepage of Phormer, will notify you of that!

  • Help
    Interactive help on every menu feeds you the required informations about each item.
    News (3rd Jan. 07): An italian web-designer (named Alessandro), is going to translate Help system into Italian!
    News (9th Jan. 07): A German translation may come in next releases!
    other lanugages? umm... contact Aideen!

  • Statistics
    Online visitors count, today, yesterday & this month visitors count, are now available!

  • Finally, Mass Upload
    Now, you can upload many of your files into a .zip file and also add several inside another local directory!
    Note only mass-upload is provided (in Ajax!), but also quick-add to put several photos, once into Phormer is added!

  • SlideShow
    Upon your requests, SlideShow is available now! both for stories and categories and also for recent photos

  • External CSS
    Is now supported, just put them into files/externalcss and pick them inside the preferences area.

  • Umm... Your Own Requested Features!
    ... are all welcome! Just call Aideen and share your desired feature(s) with him! He would be glad to know your ideas to improve Phormer!

Phormer, the project, is hosted at:

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