Welcome to Phormer's Frequently Asked Questions!

Hint: If you're having a problem with Phormer, first read these AQs, then, in case of not finding any appropriate answer, feel free to call Aideen.

Here are the asked questions:

  • [ top ] Q: How can I install Phormer?
    A: So easily and fast!
    1. First download latest version of Phormer.
    2. Unzip that .zip file to your destination directory (let us name it /www/phormer/).
    3. chmod 777 /www/phormer (where /www/phormer is your unzipping folder).
    4. Access the path from your web-browser (i.e. http://{YourServer}/phormer/) and fill a few inputs there, till reaching the Installtion Completed! Message.
    5. Finally, chmod 711 /www/phormer to ensure the security.
    That's all!

  • [ top ] Q: How can I update my Phormer?
    A: So easily and fast, as Installation was!
    1. First download latest version of Phormer.
    2. Replace all the files in the .zip of the newest version into your installation directory.
      namely, delete files/ directory of your phormer, and all the files in root of installation directory (e.g. admin.php, index.php, upload.php & etc.) expect of index.xml, and then copy all of the removed files (or may more) from the .zip file into your directory.
    3. Replace files/ of downloaded .zip and all the files in root of that (which are similar to removed files), to your installation directroy.
    That's all!

  • [ top ] Q: How can I help Phormer to be translated to my language?
    A: Great offer. Aideen, appreciates it, indeed!
        The first and most serious step you have to do, is to contact Aideen - your translation might be on the middle of the way by other person!
        As you may find, Phormer's English phrases is of two parts: Help messages, which are in administration's area and written in javascript, and after that, PHP files, that control index.php and admin.php.
        Help's translation is easier, because you all you have to do is to write translation of all messages in GetHelpMsg() function of adminfiles/files/help.js, as a copy of that. Get a copy of that function and change the result of case statements with the proper translation. After doing that, send the prepared help.js file to Aideen, and he'll put it in next release.
        Also, Aideen will be grateful if you leave the translation of case statement itself (the title of message, the s arguement, passed to the function) as a comment, next to it.
        The other job is to translate entire project, including interface and PHP files. Aideen's now working on localizing the PHP codes, using setdomain and gettext methods. He'll leave his results here, soon!

  • [ top ] Q: What does "large file" in uploading mean?
    A: A large file is a file with size greater than maximum uploaded file size of your PHP configuration. This means that, there's an option in your default PHP setting, in file php.ini that doesn't allow files large than that size to be uploaded.
        The deafult value of this option is often 2MB and hence you may not be able to upload a photo (or a zip file) of size 2.05MB (only 50 KiloBytes larger than 2 MegaBytes)!
        However, to remove (or increase) this bound as Michal has said, you probably has to do with default PHP settings in php.ini:
    upload_max_filesize = 2M
    which limit the maximum uploaded file size to precisely 2MB. You can try changing this setting through ini_set() and then also probably extending the allowed script execution time, maybe memory and post_max_size.

  • [ top ] Q: How can I upload my files, faster through an FTP connection to installation directory?
    A: Just copy them into temp/ directory of Phormer's installation directory. Phormer will automatically generate their required thumbnails (on first call of admin.php page or drafts page, thereafter) and will list it into drafts items.

  • [ top ] Q: Why do I get an "Could not open zip file"?
    A: The first reason of that, might be that you are trying to add an incorrect (corrupted) .zip file!
        But, if you're sure about your file, the other strange reason might be that your sever (often PHP servers in Windows XP, like EasyPHP) have a bug in openning zip files, by zip_open() function. Precisely, The passed argument to zip_open() function should be an absolute path (like "c:\php\phormer\my.zip") rather than a relative address (like "../my.zip")!
        However, the solution to that is not so difficult! just remove the sharp sign (#) from the beginning of (i.e. uncomment) 5th line of funcs.php file in the installation directory of Phormer, which is something like:
    #define("ZIP_OPEN_PATH", 'n:\aideen\php\phormer\temp\\');
       then, replace 'n:\aideen\php\phormer\temp\\' (which is my temp directory) by the absolute path to your Phormer's temp/ directory.
        Note: Do NOT forget the / (or \\ in case of a Windows path) at the end of this address.
        Note: Don't forget to do that again, after an update!

  • [ top ] Q: How shall I tell Phormer to get Backup?
    A: Actually, you do not need to do that manually! Phormer does it, everytime you do LogOut from administration area. Thisway, it's strongly recommended to log out after each session in administration area.

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