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Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
Roundworm of the night
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Over The walkin-bridge right against ShUT. The night I had a quarrel with C. everything went around, over my head. and these worms and those lights.
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Date added: Aug 4th 06, 12:31
Date taken: Mon, Jul 31st of 06
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[ Reply ]  راحيلا [ W | @ ] on Aug 4th of 06 at 12:15 said:
[ Reply ]  ری را [ W | @ ] on Aug 18th of 06 at 23:07 said:
این چرخ فلک که ما در او گردانیم
فانوس خیال از او مثالی دانیم
خورشید چراغ دان و عالم فانوس
ما چون صوریم کاندر او حیرانیم
چقدر شبیه این عکس اس
[ Reply ]  cancer [ W ] on Sep 11th of 06 at 00:37 said:
:D!! i love ur pics!!
[ Reply ]  Mehrnoosh [ @ ] on Dec 13th of 06 at 21:20 said:
Haha I've got parasitology of nematodes this term!
[ Reply ]  C on Oct 22nd of 09 at 21:37 said:
سرم دور ِ سرم می چرخد.
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