•  Phorm
Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
Await, Reminder on service
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Date added: May 26th 06, 06:27
Date taken: Thu, Jun 16th o 05
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Category: ShUT
Story: The Old Phorm
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[ Reply ]  Natasha said:
time has gone... miss all the pasts.
[ Reply ]  pooya said:
somebody or something is missed, I think.
[ Reply ]  saina said:
ino doos daram ... lahzehaye khodamo yadam miare ...
[ Reply ]  afsaneh [ @ ] said:
va ma biroon e zaman istadeh im!
[ Reply ]  Anonymous said:
zamaan, tanhaa chiziye ke tu in ax dide nemishe.
[ Reply ]  golnaz said:
The time s running so slowly .. guess that s my life without u
[ Reply ]  BB said:
Hey boy, What the hell you were waiting for? It just can happen out of time, out of bodies, some where beyond the words, colors and photographers : )
[ Reply ]  Unknown said:
past is a history , tommarow is a mystery , But Now is a gift ,that's why we call it PRESENT !!!
[ Reply ]  creep said:
look at the shining there.
[ Reply ]  baran said:
& continueeeee............
[ Reply ]  Aidin [ W | @ ] said:
And you are the victim; Time points you, Time blames you...
[ Reply ]  creep said:
look i'm still here..
[ Reply ]  رها [ W ] on May 29th of 06 at 21:21 said:
آیدین جان لازمه تکرار کنم که نگاه قشنگی داری به همه چیز ...و من چقدر دوست دارم که با چشم های تو ببینم؟؟
[ Reply ]  blue.r. on May 30th of 06 at 00:05 said:
شک ندارم ساعت ات با زمان سیاره ی خودت تنظیم شده. مثل اون باری که چند ساعت عقب تر از زمان بقیه بود
[ Reply ]  Choobnam [ W | @ ] on Feb 23rd of 08 at 14:33 said:
Time's runnin' out !
[ Reply ]  coral on Dec 22nd of 14 at 03:16 said:
Gone and on again
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