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Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
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colors are inverted using Photoshop.
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Date added: Jun 6th 06, 04:58
Date taken: Mon, Jul 25th o 05
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Category: Opera
Story: Opera I
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[ Reply ]  bonbast said:
in shabihe mohaye man toye abe!
[ Reply ]  Arash said:
hey man migam ye chize in axe nemikhore be ahang...
hey migam ye chizi jaabejaast
hey fekr mikonam ye moshkeli hast
ye chizi baa ye chiz dige nemikhoone
hey fekr mikonam chie ghazie
va yeho Irene o Juliette miaan joloye cheshmam, I labkhandi mizane, mige:
-"didi J? eshtebaah kard...hatta I* ham eshtebaah mikone."
-"are.", va hamoon joori ke poshte panjare neshaste o dare baaroone biroono negah mikone, sigaresho roshan mikone.
-to ham ye moghe'haa'ee fekr mikoni ke shaayad beshe bleu o rouge ro eshtebaah kard?
-are...taghriban hamishe..hameye zendegimoon hamine....az bleu be rouge, dobare bleu...baaz rouge..rouge ro bedoone bleu nemifahmam...

va baraye I ye sigar roshan mikone.

*you are clever enough. no need to this footnote.
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