•  Phorm
Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
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Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T5i
F Number: 8
Focal Length: 18
Exposure Time: 1/200
Flash: 16
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Date added: Mar 24th 14, 03:49
Date taken: Sun, Jan 5th o 14
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Category: Mother Nature & Love
Story: San Francisco
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[ Reply ]  Cea on Mar 27th of 14 at 21:49 said:
دارم فکر می کنم که من
چوب پنبه ی سر بطری هامو
هیچ وقت دو بار چک نکرده م
که حتما نامه هام
هیچ کدوم به دستت نرسیده ن این همه سال
[ Reply ]  RAHA [ W ] on Sep 6th of 14 at 13:27 said:
kash man mosafere in botri boodam...
in axha alitarin karhayin hastan ke too omram didam . kheyli haghighat daran!
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