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Another formation, of the last perturbed farm,
... dedicated to the phobias of the scarecrow.
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Me, on a walking bridge over Karadj Highway.
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Date added: Apr 7th 07, 12:45
Date taken: Mon, Mar 6th o 06
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[ Reply ]  mohi [ @ ] on Apr 8th of 07 at 02:53 said:
ماشینهای پر سرعت
همه میرن
[ Reply ]  sion [ @ ] on Apr 11th of 07 at 14:47 said:
I also have a photoblog and I know how random it can be to hear from someone you don't know.Nevertheless I love this photostory.Lights at night and neon glow.Beautiful!
And, are you the one who made Phormer gallery? If you are:thankyou thankyou thankyou.I love it.
[ Reply ]  Coral [ W ] on May 7th of 07 at 13:00 said:
خیلی عالیه
یعنی به جرات
بهترین عکسیته که تو زندگیم دیدم

عالی ترین عکست
[ Reply ]  Coral [ W ] on May 7th of 07 at 13:04 said:
این یه عالمه احساس منه.
تو این روزایی که اسارت تنها دغدغه ی ذهنمه

شبهایی که می آم خونه
و رو پل همت می ایستم و ماشین هارو تماشا می کنم
ماشین هایی که می تونن تا ابد آدمو ببرن
جوری که آدم اسارت رو احساس نکنه
لحظه به لحظه
نا آرامی
[ Reply ]  Admin (Aidin) [ W | @ ] on May 11th of 07 at 20:31 replied:
مرسی کُرال...
بازم عکس می‌گیرم.
[ Reply ]  Coral [ W ] on Jun 6th of 07 at 20:00 said:
خیلی وقته دیگه بارون نزده....
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